Our core values are principles that guide our internal conduct and our relationships with others.

At 亿博电竞 these values provide the company with aspirations to live up to and a means of attracting like-minded people, including team members and clients.

At a pivotal meeting in the early months of the company, it was an important undertaking to agree on the core values that create the fabric of our company. Our leadership team took time to work through a broad list of ideals we value and narrowed it down to five core areas: Integrity, Technical Excellence, Tenacity, Client Centric, Enjoy Our Work. The entire team spent the next day affirming them. These values are a reflection of our team today, and something we want deeply-rooted for the future.

Defining the values is the easy part. Lots of companies have values. The trick is making them an integral part of the company.

Core Values

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Client Centric

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Enjoy Our Work


Technical Excellence

Our values are a part of how we hire, how we run the company, and even come into play in choosing to work with clients that are the best fit. Core values are a part of our decision making every single day.

The ability to operate with these values has helped us build a cohesive and successful team and it carries over into each and every one of our customer engagements.

To 亿博电竞 , values are more than just words on a conference room wall. To make sure our company is living the values:

  • We ask questions related to our values in our interviews to make sure the candidate is a fit.
  • We provide “kudos” to our team during a short weekly company call that highlights people who have displayed the values in some way that week.
  • We challenge each other as leaders to think through our values when we make decisions as a company.
  • We talk about our values at every quarterly meeting as a team, to make sure they are still the right values to guide us into the future.

Our client centric culture equals your success.

Bringing the best team and the best playbook through your front door is a given. Where we stand out is the deep and respectful relationships we have with each other, and with you. Your business problems are our business problems and we approach every engagement with the same dedication as if we were your employees.

Your success is our success. Watch the video to find out more!

We make the enterprise work .

We are here for you. Contact us today and find out how we can help you make your enterprise work.